Looking after the elderly in Australia

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia’s population aged 65 and above is estimated to be 3.7 million and around 184,000 of them live in retirement communities. The estimated projections indicate that in ten years’ time, people aged 65 and above will form 20 per cent of the population. This indicates the urgent need to build more aged care facilities to accommodate the aged and help them in their old age. Australia has many aged care communities in its cities and suburbs like the Kanwal aged care community which provides five-star facilities to its residents.

Kanwal aged care

What is aged care

Aged care or elderly care means fulfilling the special needs and requirements of the senior citizens who are unable to look after themselves or the elderly people whose medical needs cannot be met by their families. It is a broad category which involves residential care, long-term care, home care, adult day care and assisted living. The Kanwal aged care facilities are specially designed for the elderly and are called residences instead of nursing homes.

The benefits of opting for aged care facilities

Aged care is a matter of great responsibility. The elderly suffer from many health issues which need medical attention. It is not always possible for the family members to look after the aged members properly. Sometimes chronic ailments require specific treatment. Hence, it is better to choose Kanwal aged care than cause damage to their health.

Mostly every aged care facility in Kanwal is government funded and carries out an assessment of the potential residents before providing them accommodation at the facility. The residents are provided twenty-four hours nursing care, meals, individual suites, assistance in everyday tasks like dressing and maintaining personal hygiene. Laundry facilities, heaters and coolers are also provided. Click here Aarcare

How do the residents pass their time

The residents are encouraged to engage in productive community activities not only within the residence but through outings too. The residents are only asked to pay the amount which they can afford to pay and the rest of the cost is incurred by the Australian government. There are many things to do for the aged so that they do not get bored. They can go for walks around the residence on foot or on wheelchairs. They can visit their families or their family members can visit them regularly. They can pursue their hobbies. Subscription of their favourite newspapers and magazines can help them to spend time in reading.

Further, computer operating courses help them to remain abreast with the latest technology and offer a useful skill. The aged are given video games and movie watching options to spend time with their grandchildren when they come to visit. If you need in-home care, these Kanwal aged care institutions send friendly staff to help you in your daily activities at home and can drive you to different places for completing your errands.


You need not worry if there is nobody to care for you in your old age or if your family is unable to take proper care of you. The aged care facilities Kanwal residences offer help you out at every stage. Visit at https://arcare.com.au/nsw_residential_care/kanwal-aged-care/



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